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Please read the following Refund Policy carefully before placing a Web Order. 

Exchanges, Returns and Refunds

1.1 Products may be returned to the Seller and the Purchaser may obtain a full refund of the price of the returned product (except gift wrapping costs and any such other charges) provided that:  

  1. The Purchaser clearly notifies the Seller of cancellation of the contract within thirty (30) calendar days of the date of receipt of the Product; and 
  1. The Product is returned in original condition with the security seals on the Product intact; and 

iii. The Product is returned in accordance with paragraph 7.2 below.  

1.2 If a Product is sold as part of a Product Combination (bundle) in which any Product contained therein is offered for free or at a discount, any Product included in the Product Combination must be returned to the Seller at the Seller’s request. The Seller reserves the right to raise an invoice in respect of any free or discounted products included in the Product Combination not returned including Products in the Product Combination that were not included at a discount or for free.   

1.3 If the Purchaser believes a Product was supplied in error, is incomplete or faulty and that they are entitled to a replacement or repair in accordance with paragraph 8 below, please to e-mail customerservice@lumoral.com.au 

1.4 If the Purchaser is entitled to a replacement or repair in accordance with paragraph 8 below, the shipping and handling charges referred to in paragraph 4 will not be applied. 

2 Steps to Follow to Claim a Refund:

2.1 To obtain a refund the purchaser must send e-mail to customerservice@lumoral.com.au and request that the Product be returned. The Seller will then provide instructions to the Purchaser to effect return of the Product. 

2.2 The Seller will subsequently arrange for the Product(s) to be collected by its nominated carrier. The Purchaser will be required to either contact the carrier or, in the case of larger items, liaise with the carrier to arrange a collection time. 

2.3 Before returning any Product the Purchaser warrants that they have: 

  1. Received instructions from the Seller (issued on request); 
  1. Safely enclosed all accessories, manuals, in box warranties and other material supplied unless informed otherwise; 

iii. If possible, used all packaging that was originally supplied; 

  1. Clearly displayed the return address and the Web Order Number; and 
  1. Sealed the packaging effectively, safely and securely. 

2.4 Failure to follow any step or procedure in clause 7 may result in the returned Product being rejected by the Seller upon receipt and the Purchaser accepts that in doing so they forfeit their right to a refund. 

2.5 The Seller reserves the right to reject any Product not returned in accordance with the provisions set out in this contract and particularly within clauses 7.1. and 7.2. 

3 Time is of the essence in this clause.