• Professional-level oral hygiene you can do at home

    Eliminate bacteria that are associated with oral inflammation and give yourself brighter and perfectly clean teeth with our Lumoral starter kit.

    What the kit includes:
    • ● Lumorinse tablets
    • ● Measuring cup
    • ● Lumoral Device
    • ● Instruction for use
    • ● Powerbank

  • Swish your mouth with Lumorinse

    Swish your mouth with fresh-tasting Lumorinse for 30 seconds. The light-sensitive colour is designed to adhere to the surface of the plaque.

  • Apply light with Lumoral

    Apply light with Lumoral for 10 minutes. The light activates the light-sensitive colour, which in turn sensitizes the bacteria to the light. An antibacterial effect starts. The feeling of warmth is a part of the photodynamic action.

  • Brush your teeth

    The surface of the teeth is now easier to clean with the brush. The adherent plaque, invisible to the eye, can be now brushed away and your teeth become amazingly clean.

Professional Endorsement

Koite Health provides a great opening to support pediatric dental hygiene. Sustaining oral bacterial diversity while reducing plaque bacteria is very appealing.

I greatly believe in the potential of the new prophylactic device to combat against oral infections. Even greater potential of the device is in the prevention of the secondary diseases arising from the compromised oral health. 

The compartmentalization involved in viewing the mouth separately from the rest of the body must cease. There is strong evidence proving oral health affects general health.

Lumoral is a promising new opening in dental home care.