Eliminate bacteria
with Lumoral

The Lumoral device targets bacteria and supports a healthy oral microbiome that remains non-invasive and simple to use.

  • How do we do it?

    Its 48 custom-made LED lights that have a specifically selected light wavelength weaken bacteria with the photodynamic effect. The bacteria is unable to defend itself from being induced with a toxic reaction to light. Even a small amount of light output is enough to eliminate the planktonic mutants streptococci, a bacterium known as a significant contributor to tooth decay.

  • The Lumoral Starter Kit

    With just 3 steps and 10 minutes bi-weekly- drastically take your oral health to a new level.

    Starter Pack includes
    • ● Lumoral device
    • ● Lumorinse tablets, 10 pcs.
    • ● Powerbank
    • ● Measuring cup
    • ● Instructions for use