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Lumoral is based on the innovation of two antibacterial methods combined in one. Their simultaneous use of photodynamic therapy and antibacterial blue light has been reported in numerous media internationally.Aalto University

Aalto University, News

The new method kills harmful bacteria on dental plaque - beneficial especially for cancer patients and people with diabetes.


Bay Leaf News

Finnish Medical Journal
The Finnish Medical Journal Lääkärilehti is a general medical journal and the leading journal aimed at medical doctors in Finland.

Harmful bacteria die from the teeth using a new method

Finnish researchers have developed a method, based on dual light therapy. It does not disturb the normal oral bacterial flora. The bacteria do not develop resistance against the treatment.

Dental Tribute

Dental Tribune

Dental Tribune is the largest global dental newspaper based in Leipzig, Germany. Dental Tribune International publishing group is composed of the world’s leading dental trade publishers.

Dual-light photodynamic therapy helps kill oral bacteria

ESPOO, Finland: Regular toothbrushing helps maintain good oral health, but does not completely prevent the occurrence of oral disease. To help kill Streptococcus mutans bacteria and the harmful oral bacteria that cause gingivitis, researchers from Koite Health in Finland are launching a method intended for home use. The method involves using antibacterial photodynamic therapy and antibacterial blue light to reduce the markers indicating early gingivitis and plaque formation.

New Atlas

New Atlas

The New Atlas, former Gizmag is a Canadian online magazine, championing forward-thinking innovation, technology, science, transportation, architecture and design. 4M unique monthly visitors.

Light-activated mouthwash kills cavity-causing bacteria

  Evening paper


Iltalehti is 2rd largest Finnish tabloid newspaper and one of the most visited sites in FInland.

No more cavities? Finnish innovation kills 99.9 percent of bacteria that cause dental cavities and gingivitis 13.02.2020

Finnish innovation promises to destroy harmful bacteria on the tooth surface in 10 minutes - we tested: this is how it works 08.07.2020






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