Lumorinse Family Pack, 60 tablets

$79.80 AUD

Lumorinse Family Pack, 60 tablets

$79.80 AUD
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Lumorinse is a green, light-activated mouthwash that is swished in the mouth before the application of the Lumoral light. Together with Lumoral device, it improves oral hygiene and prevents oral diseases, keeping your gums healthy and preventing cavities.

The mouthwash is prepared just before use by dissolving the tablet in water with the measuring cup from the Lumoral Starter Kit.

  • Using a measuring cup, measure 30 ml of water into a cup or glass
  • Drop the effervescent tablet into water, allow it to dissolve.
  • Swish in your mouth for 60 seconds.
  • Spit out in the sink.
  • Position the Lumoral mouthpiece in place
  • Apply light with the Lumoral mouthpiece for 10 minutes.

Active substance: Indocyanine green 7.0 mg

Composition: Mannitol, xylitol, ascorbic acid, sodium bicarbonate, polyvidone, indocyanine green, magnesium stearate, silica, peppermint flavour.

Quantity: Each pack contains 3x10 tablets.

Storage: At room temperature, in the original package, protected from light. Keep out of the reach and sight of children.